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Men Living With Prostate Cancer

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About CONTACT•02

CONTACT•02 is a Phase 3 clinical trial for men who have an advanced stage of prostate cancer called metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). The first step is to talk to your doctor about whether you are eligible to participate.

Men who are able to participate in the study will be assigned to one of two groups. Each group will receive different study drugs for their prostate cancer:

  • Group A will receive a combination of two drugs: cabozantinib and atezolizumab
  • Group B will receive either a drug called abiraterone acetate together with prednisone or a drug called enzalutamide

The trial will compare Groups A and B to see whether these study drugs help men with mCRPC to live longer without their disease getting worse.

Throughout the trial, each participant’s cancer will be measured with scans, such as CT (or MRI) and also bone scans.

CONTACT•02 has additional goals, including understanding the safety of cabozantinib plus atezolizumab, and what kind of side effects the two study drugs cause.

Call Us

Call 1-888-393-5494 (toll-free) or 1-303-389-1847 for more information, including eligibility requirements and site locations.

Discussion Guide

To find out more about participating, download the CONTACT•02 discussion guide and talk to your doctor.


Eligibility Requirements

If you are interested in participating in this trial, you will be evaluated by the clinical trial site staff to determine whether you are eligible.

CONTACT•02 will enroll eligible men who have been diagnosed with mCRPC. In order to participate, there are requirements regarding which prior therapies you have received.

There are additional eligibility requirements.
Download the CONTACT•02 discussion guide
and start a conversation with your doctor.

Trial Design

Men who are able to participate in the study will be randomly assigned, 1:1, to one of two groups. Each group will receive different study drugs for their prostate cancer.

Group A

Participants will receive a combination of two study drugs: cabozantinib and atezolizumab.

Group B

Participants will receive either a drug called abiraterone acetate (together with prednisone) or a drug called enzalutamide.

If you are assigned to Group B, your study doctor will choose which drug is appropriate for you.

Trial Sites

CONTACT•02 will be conducted in the United States and abroad. For specific location and site information, and to confirm whether sites near you are still enrolling new patients, call 1-888-393-5494 (toll-free) or 1-303-389-1847.

      • Duarte
      • Fullerton
      • San Diego
      • Santa Monica
      • Aurora
      • Denver
      • Miami
      • Kansas City
      • Baltimore
      • Omaha
      • East Brunswick
      • Las Vegas
      • Cleveland
      • Oklahoma City
      • Philadelphia
      • Nashville
      • Houston
      • Temple
      • Salt Lake City
      • Blacksburg
      • Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
      • Buenos Aires
      • Mar Del Plata
      • La Rioja
      • San Salvador De Jujuy
      • Viedma
      • San Juan
      • Launceston
      • Melbourne
      • Ballarat
      • Frankston
      • Box Hill
      • ADELAIDE
      • Garran
      • Wollongong
      • Linz
      • Bonheiden
      • Bruxelles
      • Gent
      • Roeselare
      • Barretos
      • São José do Rio Preto
      • Ribeirão Preto
      • Vila Olímpia
      • Santa Cruz do Sul
      • Porto Alegre
      • Fortaleza
      • Mercês
      • Blumenau
      • Edmonton
      • Kelowna
      • Moncton
      • London
      • Oakville
      • Hamilton
      • Montréal
      • Temuco
      • Santiago
      • Recoleta
      • Viña del Mar
      • Olomouc
      • Praha
      • Praha 4
      • Praha 2
      • Praha 8
      • Brno
      • Strasbourg
      • Dijon cedex
      • Saint-Grégoire
      • Quimper Cedex
      • NIMES cedex 9
      • Strasbourg cedex
      • Toulouse
      • Toulouse Cedex 9
      • Paris
      • Clermont-Ferrand
      • Tbilisi
      • Gütersloh
      • Tübingen
      • Piraeus
      • Cholargos
      • Thessaloniki
      • Heraklion
      • Filadelfeos
      • Larissa
      • Gyula
      • Budapest
      • Petah Tikva
      • Tel Aviv
      • Bat Galim
      • Jerusalem
      • Tzefat
      • Ramat Gan
      • Firenze
      • Roma
      • Perugia
      • Terni
      • Akita
      • Hirosaki-Shi
      • Kashiwa
      • Sapporo
      • Kobe
      • Miki
      • Sagamihara
      • Yokohama-Shi
      • Nagano-shi
      • Osaka
      • Osaka-Sayama-Shi
      • Hidaka-Shi
      • Chiba
      • Sakura-shi
      • Koto
      • Shinjuku-ku
      • Wakayama
      • Ube
      • Bydgoszcz
      • Poznań
      • Braga
      • Lisbon
      • Porto
      • Moscow
      • Saint Petersburg
      • Singapore
      • Busan
      • Daejeon
      • Gwangju
      • Goyang-si
      • Seongnam-si
      • Busan
      • Daegu
      • Hwasun-gun
      • Seoul
      • Busan-si
      • Barcelona
      • Manresa
      • Córdoba
      • Lugo
      • Alcorcón
      • Valdefuentes
      • Madrid
      • Sevilla
      • Taichung City
      • Taoyuan
      • Tainan
      • Dnipro
      • Kyiv
      • Lutsk

Trial sites may stop enrolling patients at any time. Please check back if you do not see a trial site located near you.

Additional details about CONTACT•02 can be found at by searching for NCT04446117.



The following sites can provide information and resources for people living with prostate cancer. They provide educational materials, including webinars and patient guides, and information about support groups.

The CONTACT clinical program is a collaboration between Exelixis and Roche-Genentech to evaluate cabozantinib in combination with atezolizumab in multiple solid tumors. CONTACT•02 is sponsored by Exelixis.